We craft branded websites that connect

June 9, 2018
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We craft branded websites that connect

Creating a website and brand presence can be a tricky business. Working out what you want can sometimes be the hardest part. It’s often easier for others to see what you can’t see for yourself.

At New Method, our specialty is helping you create your unique branded web presence. Your website, business, product suite, or art may have many components.. and that’s ok!

How we interweave all the practical elements to create a unique site and brand presence for you, is our strong suit.

In new method – we make it easy work –

We’ve got a beautiful method to help bring your creative vision to life. 

  1. Branding Identity
    Your style, your site design
    Beautifully integrated

    We work with you to understand your goals and your dream clients + ideal business model.
     and who you are about is important to us, and it is important in how we build your online presence.

    Do you know what you really want to do?
    Sometimes this means saying no to many, to find the clients who sync with you, and say yes. We work with you to clarify your client approach. 

    Have you defined your purpose and set your goals?
    We help you clarify your goals. We help you find the words + visuals, so that your story and your offering (whether it is a product, brand, service or artistic pursuit), comes to life for both you and your clients. We work to dovetail your online presence and business strategy with the right platform that works for you.

    Next, we build visually……What and who you are about is important to us, and it is important in how we build your online presence.

  2. Design + Development
    We build visually, we build your words + graphic language live…

    How we work with you to develop your design is our unique edge.
    Many of our clients are deep thinkers, visual people, sometimes introverted entrepreneurs.
    Being creatives ourselves, we know that how things sync visually is essential to how your brand identity comes to life, and how we understand each other. We know that the way your clients receive information and the way you communicate means some people will absorb what your business is about visually, while others will absorb the words, where others may want to see the practical details about how you operate…

    The point is, we help you resolve your graphic and digital language that your ideal client is most likely to respond to. A website is a way to connect and find your people.

  3. Launch
    All the elements to ensure a clean smooth presence online.

    Testing, Launch, Marketing, Maintenance. A website is a living organism that moves with how you change, and how your business changes. We support our clients with the launch, testing, marketing, and updates. This way we ensure your website evolves, as you evolve, with updated content, security and a way to connect with your people, your market.

We build websites visually, we build live.

We create in words and image so we can see the result in real-time.

What this brings you is a unique stamp from which to share with the world your art, product, service or ideas.

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