Intellect + Heart + Drive + Creativity

Founded as ‘Presentation’ in early 2016 and led by partners Sherry Paddon & Christian Quiambao; New Method are digital designers who deliver high-quality projects and provide growth opportunities for small to medium businesses.

Christian + Sherry have a union both in love and work and have a design approach that combines intellect + heart + drive + creativity to create unique brand and web designs for our clients.

We have 18 years experience in graphic design, branding, website design and development and the visual arts. Christian has been designing websites since 2008, and has freelanced for a number of corporate companies including Trend Micro, Phillips Singapore and Lufthansa. Sherry is an experienced visual artist, project manager and educator.
We value clear communication. Creating a digital presence is about business, but most of all it’s about expressing what your business is about, and what you want to offer the world. One human to another.

Our connection forms the seed from which we grow and create your unique art, word and digital language.